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Drone Batteries

The drone battery is the part of the drone power system that stores and releases energy. Most power batteries used by drones are lithium polymer batteries. Compared to other batteries, lithium polymer batteries have a higher energy density and good discharge characteristics. Lithium polymer batteries are made up of several series cells. The full voltage of each cell is 4.2 V and the rated voltage is 3.7 V. If we see a battery labeled "6S", it means that it consists of 6 in series cells (S stands for serial). Its full voltage is 25.2 V and the rated voltage is 22.2 V. In some cases where even the battery is fully charged, the voltage cannot reach 25.2 V due to the large internal resistance. Some high-voltage lithium batteries can be seen in the market, whose single-chip full-voltage can reach 34.35 V. Capacity represents the maximum amount of battery power that can be released in a safe state. It's generally expressed by the unit of mAh. The maximum discharge rate represents the maximum continuous discharge capacity of the battery in a safe state. The internal resistance of the battery refers to the resistance that the current suffers when it flows through the interior of the battery. The intelligent aviation battery, with charge and discharge management functions, is specially designed for drones. It generally has the following functions of power displaying (indicator light), service life displaying (indicator light), self-discharge protection for battery storage, balanced charge protection, over-charging protection, charging temperature protection, over-current protection, over-discharge protection, short-circuit protection, battery damage detection, abnormal battery using recording, and sleep protection.

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