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Blue Heron Suicide Drone Blue Heron Suicide Drone
  • Blue Heron Suicide Drone
  • Blue Heron Suicide Drone

Blue Heron Suicide Drone


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Port: China (Mainland)
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Product Description

1 Overview

The "Blue Heron" suicide drone system has the functions of reconnaissance, surveillance, interference and attack. It can be used for cluster joint operations. It is suitable for anti-terrorism operations in urban street fighting and jungle, desert, mountainous areas, etc. It is a powerful attack by ground troops or police forces. means.In addition to reconnaissance and strike integration, the Blue Heron is also equipped with a modular load and mission system design that can be equipped with various loads such as reconnaissance surveillance, attack, and interference to accommodate other tasks.

2 Features

Can be carried by individual, tubular, on-board, airborne;

It can quickly change various loads such as reconnaissance surveillance, attack, and interference;

Suspension or re-attack by ground or air control;

Can be applied to bad weather and highland areas;

Precise blow, with small damage, suitable for urban street fighting and anti-terrorism operations;

Powered by battery, high environmental adaptability;

It can be recycled 20 times.

3 Application Scenario

For the domestic army and air force, it adopts a single-cylinder carrying-type launching and a car-cylinder launching mode, and is also facing the Asian-African export market.

Specifications Model Blue Heron 30 Blue Heron 100
Aircraft weight (kg) 3 10
Warhead weight (kg) 0.5 1.5
Control range (km) 10 >20
Life time (min) 30 45
Maximum speed (km/hr) 150 220
Use height (m) 4500 5000
Dynamic form Electric Electric
Launch mode Tubular Tubular
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