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BG-VT10 UAV Syste
  • BG-VT10 UAV Syste

BG-VT10 UAV Syste


$ negotiable

Min. Order:
Supply Ability: /Units per Month
Port: China (Mainland)
Payment: L/C, T/T

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Quick Details

Maximum payload:
Wind resistance:
Level 5
Operating flight height:
3Km above sea level
Max Total take-off weight:
Operating radius:
Operating radius:
Maximum flight height:
5Km above sea level
Body material:
Composite materials and laminates
Wingspan 2.2m,Length 1.4m
Material Carbon fiber Propeller size 215INCH (major)+114INCH (tail)

Product Description

BG-VT10 is a tilt-rotor fixed-wing UAV newly developed by Bingo. It adopts a combination of fixed wing and tri-rotor design which offers a highly efficient performance. The front two main rotors enable the airframe to take off and land vertically and fly horizontally (under fixed-wing mode) and the tail rotor balance the airframe during vertical take-off and landing. It offers users with a rather cost-effective photography solution with a 5-lens tilt photography device with small size and high resolution. BG-VT10 is a perfect choice among industrial-grade UAV systems.


1. Efficient design: Reduce drag through excellent overall aerodynamic design and by minimizing body design;
2. Simple-structured: quick to install and dissemble;
3. Precise: RTK positioning, fixed landing,0.0001*high-performance imaging
4. Easy-to-use: one-button taking off, full autonomous flight, no runway or airport required

Use cases
1. Aerial photography in complex terrains such as hills;
2. No-airfield jungle, fire hazard inspection, animal and plant resources exploration;
3. Urban emergences inspection;
4. Maritime inspection.

1. The lightest tilt camera available in the market in Aps-c format by now;
2. The most optimal exposure time interval (0.6s) available by now, which can greatly improve the overlap of images.
3. 5cm resolution

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