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BG-Solar Fixed Wing UAV BG-Solar Fixed Wing UAV BG-Solar Fixed Wing UAV
  • BG-Solar Fixed Wing UAV
  • BG-Solar Fixed Wing UAV
  • BG-Solar Fixed Wing UAV

BG-Solar Fixed Wing UAV


$ negotiable

Min. Order:
Supply Ability: /Units per Month
Port: China (Mainland)
Payment: L/C, T/T

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Quick Details

Maximum payload:
Wind resistanc:
Operating height:
6km above sea level
Total take-off weight:
Operating speed:
Operating radius:
20h 以上
Maximum height:
8km above sea level
Carbon fiber composites
Wingspan 7.1m ,Body length 3.6
Battery Weight:
Material Wood or carbon fiber ,Diameter 1000mm

Product Description

BG-Solar Fixed Wing UAV is one of the best-selling products designed by Xi'an Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. It adopts thin-film solar cells and lightweight square matrix to rapidly collect solar energy. It minimizes energy loss during energy transmission by using cutting-edge photoelectric conversion technology. It also achieves a highly competitive endurance up to 20h by using high specific energy batteries. Most importantly, the system is super secure and efficient by cutting the resistance during ascending with a lightweight power-control system and low-resistance propellers.

BG- Solar Fixed Wing UAV perfectly meets the needs for long-lasting missions. It is easy to deploy on many
fields such as natural hazard, crowd control, ground mapping, powerline inspection and so on.
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