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AVIC Wing loong Ⅰ (Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance UAV) AVIC Wing loong Ⅰ (Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance UAV)
  • AVIC Wing loong Ⅰ (Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance UAV)
  • AVIC Wing loong Ⅰ (Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance UAV)

AVIC Wing loong Ⅰ (Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance UAV)


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Product Description

The Wing Loongseries UAVis a mediumand lowaltitude long-endurancedrone designed by the Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute of AVICfor reconnaissance, surveillance and ground attack.As a type of integrated reconnaissance and combat drone, it isequipped with forward-looking infrared sensors and synthetic aperture radar (SAR). According to relevant information, Wing Loong1 is used in maintaining stability, fighting terrorism and border patrol. It can also be used in disaster monitoring, atmospheric research and meteorological observation, geological exploration and land mapping, environmental protection, pesticide spraying and forest fire prevention, anti-drug smuggling and other civilian and scientific research fields.The drone began its development in 2005, made its first flight in 2007 and was officiallyunveiledat the Zhuhai Air Ahow in 2012. Its technical parameters are shown in the following table.

Body length






Max take-off weight


Max bomb load




Max range


Max speed

280 km/h

Service ceiling


Weapons that can be mounted

LS-6 precision-guided bombs, yz-212 laser-guided bombs, and air-to-ground missiles

According to the technical parameters in the table, we can actually see that the Wing Loong 1 UAV is comparable to the us Predator drone.Just for the sake of comparison. parameters of the MQ-1, as follows

Body length






Max take-off weight


Max action radius




Max bomb load

1020 kg

Max speed




Weapons that can be mounted

The AGM-114 hellfire missile, the AIM-92 Stinger missile

By comparison of the two tables, it can be concluded that the volume of Wing Loong 1UAV is similar to that of MQ-1. Although the Wing Loong 1's endurance ability and composite materials are different from those of MQ-1, the performance indexes of all aspects are not significantly different

On top of that Wing Loong 1biggest advantage over MQ-1 is price. The Wing Loong 1 costs less than $1 million, far less than the predator. For many developing countries. Currently,Wing Loong 1 has customers in Africa, central Asia and the Middle East. With the purchase of Serbia in 2019, we are gradually opening up the European market

Wing Loong 1is on display in Kazakhstan

According to foreign media reports, on March 18, 2017 local time, the Egyptian Air Force launched a large-scale air strike against the headquarters of islamic state (IS) in the Sinai peninsula, successfully destroying the IS stronghold in the Sinai peninsula. It is important to note that the air attack most areWing Loong 1by the armed drones, and the Egyptian air force currently able to combat mission of unmanned aerial vehicle only imported from China Wing Loongn 1".Here is the link.

From the video, we can see Wing Loong1 armed drones to building a missile IS gathered many times and successfully, but had been a direct hit of a missile for a fleeing pickup.It reflects the Wing Loongn 1 armed drones have enemy target reconnaissance, precision, real-time accurate damage assessment of ability, the overall performance has reached the international advanced level of the same kind of unmanned aerial vehicle.The Wing Loongn 1 made in China have performed many miracles in the world. In the Middle East in particular, theWing Loongn series and the rainbow have become major pieces of equipment and have carried out a large number of targeted killing missions. This is a sign that Chinese drones are gradually becoming a new favorite in the international market and have begun to break the market monopoly of the United States.

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